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More than thirty years in the creation of quality footwear, leather and fabric.

The Calzaturificio Cabiola is a family company with extraordinary potential, able to look at the big names in fashion world and, at the same time, the quality shop or the private users tank to an exceptional flexibility, daughter of deep knowledge of the product, its implementation and, above all, of the deepest needs of customers.

From pre-installation preparation to canning, the Calzaturificio Cabiola makes models always different, innovative and elegant, but also characterized by exceptional fit and comfort. In the firm hands of Barbara Cortese, always inspired by the motto "anything frightens us," the laboratory of San Vittore Olona, in the historic district of footwear Parabiago, is a unique source of ideas and construction capabilities. That’s why Barbara Cortese gives her own name to her product line, created to involve new markets and new business challenges.

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Art. 968

Ankle boot

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