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Roberta Redaelli, stylist native from Como, has been developing an innovative concept of tricot fashion characterized by great inventiveness, originality and great care in the choice of materials.
Her predilection for style, combined with a visionary taste that mirrors and anticipates present and future trends, has allowed Roberta Redaelli to create a unique product, manufactured without haste and characterized by a perfect balance of research, innovation and quality, characteristics that, together, project a dynamic and modern image.
The most distinctive feature of the brand ECLèCKTICA by Roberta Redaelli is the innovative knitwear manufacturing method it uses, a synergetic combination of special manufacturing techniques resulting in items with unique characteristics. The process, called DINAMI-TECS, allows to manufacture structured garments that offer the same shape and contour inalterability typical of rigid fabrics, combined with the stretchability, elasticity and comfort of tricot items. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to print DINAMI-TECS fabrics with innovative multicolor designs that revolutionize the very nature of printed items.

The designer is particulary focused on the entire production chain: she searches yarns and materials selecting just fine and quality and fibers; she designs and makes exclusive jacquards and multi color prints; she creates and designs the models of each collection and conceives accessories, belts, necklaces until the very single button. Her creativity is full spectrum.

The woman who inspires her is a contemporary woman, dynamic, always on the go but who doesn’t want to give up her style and her own femininity. A woman always beyond the trends, able to look as a style icon and move from the office to a social occasion by changing only a few details of her outfits.
A clever concept of fashion in an union of imagination and practicality.

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