The Mission

Ten artisan companies from the fashion world.
Ten patrimonies of creativity, experience and courage.
Together to face the tomorrow.
With Arti Moda Como the challenge is launched.
A challenge in the name of uniqueness, innovation and quality.

Arti Moda Como BEYOND the Made in Italy

The experience of Arti Moda Como comes ahead of of the week 23 to 28 September 2015 at the Italian Makers Village of Milan.

The ten artisan companies that make up the team will be in via Tortona for an exceptional exhibition and sale of their products more valuable.

From high fashion clothing to the accessory, from furs to jewelry. From the shoes to the quality knitwear. A new way of synergy, maintaining your uniqueness and bringing out your own soul.

  • Al-An Tricot – High quality knitwear
  • Alessandra Rotta – Bags and accessories
  • Calzaturificio Cabiola – Footwear factory
  • ECLèCKTICA by Roberta Redaelli – Haute Couture Knitwear and Accessories
  • Elsa Oldoini by Emmefurs – Fashion fur
  • Frilab`s – Goldsmith
  • Gioie Lira – Jewellery
  • NadiaElle by Calzaturificio Lattuada – Footwear factory
  • Ross & Rubie – Fashion and beachwear
  • Silvia Valli – Atelier

The Design

Creating. Inventing. Daring. The design that combines the Arti Moda Como members fruit of experience and experimentation.
The boundaries of research ranging over the line of conventionality. Each piece has its own history, its own soul.

This is the craft, this is Arti Moda Como.

The Innovation

Arti Moda Como’s companies are a precious incubator of ideas and innovation.
The daily research, ranging from the choice of innovative materials to the development of special work processes, further a constant product’s evolution.

Innovation is the guiding star of Arti Moda Como. It is forbidden to stop. It’s forbidden to lose the step.

The Uniqueness

The Arti Moda Como products belong to the sphere of uniqueness. They are created entirely in Italian laboratories, where they are conceived, designed and produced.
The force of handicraft is there: it is in production that from one piece can get the serial niche.

The times are contracted, the answers are always quick, the service is tailor-made.

The Quality

All the Arti Moda Como products qualify for their high quality.
Quality is the natural consequence of research and innovation that are on the basis of all creation. From the smaller and delicate object to the complement more important, quality is the feature that characterizes all matters relating to Arti Moda Como.